istič 6A B 6kA trojpólový DLS 6h (doepke)

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  • istič 6A B 6kA trojpólový DLS 6h (doepke)
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istič 6A B 6kA trojpólový DLS 6h (doepke)

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DLS 6h miniature circuit-breakers, tripping characteristic B and C, 6 kA, for trade sector applications

Miniature circuit-breakers (MCBs) of Type DLS 6h serve primarily as overload protection for cables and leads in accordance with VDE 0100-430 as well as safeguarding against electrical shock in accordance with VDE 0100-410. Their rated breaking capacity is designed for branch and final circuits with medium short circuit capacity, such as e.g. domestic and commercial buildings. They can however – with certain limitations – also be employed for the protection of devices.
Overcurrent tripping occurs when currents in the overload range arise and is effected by means of a slow-acting, heat-sensitive bimetal trip and, in the case of short-circuit currents, by means of an electromagnetic high-speed release.
The DLS 6h is available in tripping characteristics B and C and with different response thresholds of the high-speed release. For the purposes of device protection the MCB can, within limits, thus be adapted to operational peak currents by selecting a suitable characteristic.
External tripping can be achieved by means of additional devices such as operating current or undervoltage trips.
After tripping, the miniature circuit-breaker can be restored to operation by means of manual reconnection.
· Tripping characteristics B and C for matching MCB precisely to the protective task
· Rated breaking capacity for applications in domestic /housing developments
· Low installation height leaves ample space for wiring even in small distributions
· Strain-relief clips at bottom with wide terminal diameter range for busbar and cable wiring at both connection ends
· Special snap-on fastening for removing even several MCBs from the bottom busbar interconnections.
· Large flip-down labelling window for securing and protecting labels.
· Uses standard busbars.
· Designs available with 1, 2 and 3 poles, 1+N, 3+N
· Saggered series of current ratings from 1 A to 63 A
· Any position
· ON – OFF switch position indicated on toggle lever
· Accessories can be retrofitted on the right
· Labelling software available free-of-charge
Mounting method:

Snap-on fastening on DIN-rail to EN 50022 in any standard distribution board.

Power supplies in domestic and commercial buildings.

Auxiliary switch (DHi 3, DHi 4, DHi 5, DHi 6, DHi 7, DHi 8)
Fault indication auxiliary switch (DHi-S10, DHi-S11)
Operating current trip (DASA 12, DASA 24, DASA 48, DASA 230)
Undervoltage trip (DUSA 24, DUSA 110, DUSA 230, DUSA 400)
Connection and disconnection lock (DEASS)


Typová rada DLS6
Vypínacia charakteristika B
Prúd A 6A
Počet Pólov/modulov 3 pól

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